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Building & Pest Report – 51 Dempster St, West Wollongong


The $50 is a non-refundable deposit only.  Further fees and charges apply if you purchase this property.  See terms & condition (see below)


51 Dempster St, West Wollongong

For sales advice please contact –Darren Kay or Nicole Kay

Terms & Conditions:

By downloading this report you agree to our building inspection T&Cs as well as the following conditions.- Should you purchase the property you authorise HomeRight to process an additional $450 payment for the balance of the report, via our online gateway payment system. On receipt of payment HomeRight will reissue the report in the buyer name/s.

This report is not to be distributed in any form to additional parties, unless you have express written authority from HomeRight Building & Pest Inspection Pty Ltd.

Note: Please check your spam folder if the report is not in your inbox after checkout



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